Why I am not going to use social media during 2023?

Why I am not going to use social media during 2023?

(Si quieres ver este texto en castellano haz click aquí ) In the middle of 2011 I started my career as a war photojournalist. That year the (misnamed) Arab Springs gave many young people the opportunity to start a career in this trade. The same year social networks also broke into my life. At first it seemed like a wonderful way to show my work to editors, people around me, etc. A tool that over time has shown its double edge. I would be lying if I said that they didn't help me at first. Without Facebook in 2011, I might not have been able to take the plunge, or possibly...
Ukraines War exhibition in San Sebastian - Basque Country

Ukraines War exhibition in San Sebastian - Basque Country

Since 2014 Andoni Lubaki has traveled repeatedly to report on the conflict in Ukraine. With the images and objects obtained during his coverage for the international media, he has created an exhibition with a very personal approach of 30 black and white photographs that narrates the conflict from a very human perspective. Where: In San Sebastian City, Aiete Cultural House When: From 11th November until 22 of January More info: lubakiandoni@pm.me Available for other cities and countries.
The poshs ended journalism

The poshs ended journalism

Original text by Maria Zambra / Letras libres As a Spanish photojournalist, I often encounter the situation in this text by Maria Zambrano. Dad's children with selfies sticks wanting to live the experience of being a war journalist. With no honesty when it comes to telling the news (inventing the facts, misrepresenting them, endangering their own local fixers, etc.) these people ALMOST have destroyed the trade based on selfies. Great article! "I don't know how he didn't realize. It was the posh. Also the free news on the net, the adjustments in the newsrooms, the...
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Basque photographer best known for his documentary conflict photographs all around the world and focusing in long term projects.
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